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Los Angeles’ Best Spots to Dine with the Stars

A trip to Los Angeles is not really complete until you spot a celebrity. It doesn’t have to be inside the set where they are filming the next hottest movie of the year, but even just by dining out downtown. With thousands of trendy and upbeat restaurants surrounding the city, how do you know where you could get the highest probability of meeting a celebrity? To help you narrow down the list, here are ten L.A. restaurants where you are most likely to dine with a star.

Chateau Marmont

Located in West Hollywood, California, Chateau Marmont takes its guests back to Old Hollywood. Just one step inside will make you feel like a celebrity. The likes of Lindsay Lohan and James Franco have been spotted dining out in this very homey restaurant. Guests can even enjoy the view in its idyllic garden house as they feast on the American meal prepared by Chef Carolynn Spence.

Table Fifty Two

If you are a great fan of buttermilk then you will have a wonderful time at Celebrity Chef Art Smith’s new 36-seat restaurant that is filled with delicacies from the south. It’s not just the Hollywood celebrities such as Sted Graham and Oprah Winfrey that have dined here, even the President Barack and his wife have enjoyed a lovely meal for two here during date night.

Dan Tana’s

Are you a rock star by heart? If so, then maybe you will enjoy Dan Tana’s restaurant like your fellow rock stars and movie legends. Bartender Mike Gotovac has been known to have serve drinks to legendary artists such as Elton John and the Eagles. Many young artists and guests have popped plenty of bottles of Shrimp Scampi a la Jerry Bus in this restaurant. Its bestseller is its classic spaghetti and meatballs.


As yummy as its name, Butter has been known for its good food and wine list, in which the latter has even made it to an award-winning Wine Spectator list. Mondays are no boring night as celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Leighton Meester, Leonardo DiCaprio, Shakira among others shake things up during their visit. Great food and great party place.


If it is fine dining that you are after then maybe Zooey Deschanel’s choice of restaurant, Rivabella, might just be your taste. It’s a classical looking restaurant with five star dishes that will surely satisfy one’s appetite. The atmosphere of the place is very peaceful and yet very elegant.

Boa Steakhouse

If L.A. is the land of the stars, then BOA steakhouse can be considered as the restaurant of the stars! More often than not, many celebrities keep popping in and out to take a bite at one of the scrumptious seafoods that they serve. Sheryl Crow and Scarlett Johansson are just a few of the stars you may meet in here. But no matter who you are, you get to have the best treatment in the house.


Mixing luxury and greenery in a very fine looking restaurant, Chef Suzanne’s Tavern has attracted many stars to experience its cozy atmosphere and yummy looking dishes and pastries. They also have a great sense of hospitality assuring their guests of privacy as they enjoy their meal. They never leak out details to the paparrazi whenever they visit, but now you know they’re one to eat from.


Get ready to say Oishi with Jessica Simpson, Jay-Z, Janet Jackson, Audrina Patridge, Tony Parker and so many others when you get a taste of Katsuya’s Japanese dishes. This very sexy sushi restaurant is very famous for health-conscious guests. You will surely keep coming back.

Fig and Olive

For a place where Manhattan meets Mediterranean, get yourselves inside Fig and Olive and experience a different type of dining. This famous restaurant is home to French, Italian and Spanish cooking that are all centered on olive oil. Stars just keep on getting crazy over its marzipan cake with olive oil gelato.

Blue Duck Tavern

Where else to see stars but on one of the best restaurants in town? Blue Duck Tavern has been earning many praises from all of its guests including celebrities for its farm-to-table American cuisines. To name a few, Bruce Springsteen, Bono and Richard Gere have already given applause to their wonderful dishes.

So get ready to say, Hello Hollywood!

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