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Look Good and Be Trendy without Being a Fashion Victim

This world is filled with people who are super conscious with how they look and are always obsessed with the latest fashion trends. And because of this, some people have devastated their bodies and appearances just to follow the latest styles and trends and in order to be “in”. They are called fashion victims. For how many years now, women have been doing everything so they could fit in and be beautiful.
Look Good and Be Trendy without Being a Fashion Victim
It is a good thing that new innovations and technologies in the field of cosmetic surgery have been found and discovered. These served as the answers to everyone’s fashion dilemmas. For the fashion victims, some cosmetic surgeries have become the answer to their problems such as earlobe jobs and stiletto surgery. These are procedures that are done to undo the damages caused by heavy, dangling earrings and towering high heels.

The ear lob jobs is said to be a miracle for women who have been wearing dangling earrings. Take note that heavy earrings tend to pull down the ear lobe, giving the ear a stretched look. This does not only distract attention from the earring, but it also brings pain to the person. And if the problem is just too severe, the ears will eventually be unable to tolerate any kind of earrings. To solve this problem and ease the soreness, a plumping injectable is often used. This is injected to the earlobe, which results in an increase in the volume of the skin. For a more severe case, the “purse-string method” is used to correct excessive ear drooping. This procedure involves cutting out the part where it was originally pierced, knotting then closing it up to help the lobe go back to its original shape. No scars will be seen after the surgery. After one week, the stitches can then be removed and the ears can again be pierced.

And yes, who would ever forget to wear towering heels to match a beautiful dress. Wearing high heels bring pain because of the awkward position of the feet. Usually, those who wear high heels report experiencing pain, blisters, and sore muscles. Well, if one just can’t get enough of the shoes, it is time to check the latest foot surgery trends. Some opt to have their toes shortened, which could require a longer healing period while others choose to add an injectable to the ball of the foot in order to give extra cushioning. These injectables can last for about three months up to one year and they carry only minimal risks.

It is okay to extend an extra mile to look good but remember that one should not let fashion trends bring both the feet and ears or any part of the body down. Yes, cosmetic surgery options are just there to help but its always better to take care of oneself.

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