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Listening to Music in School

Many of us just cannot live without music. We do a lot of things with music around: washing the dishes, reading a book, cleaning the house, finishing our reports, etc. Music has been an imporatnt aspect in the lives of not just the adults but most especially the youth, the students. It seems that you cannot just get music out of the students’ system. They are just so fascinated with music that they listen to their favorite hits while going on with their routine lives, school activites included. With the technology in this generation, listening to music online is already a norm that almost all students are used to doing. Most of the schools have their own internet laboratories or WIFI connection, making the use of internet very much accessible to students. Apparently, some schools have blocked certain sites, even those of the music sites to ensure students will stay focused on their studies. So, how can students actually look for music not blocked by school?
listening to music in school
Here are steps in listening to music not blocked by school:

Make sure you have plugged in your headphones in your computer.
Most computer laboratories do not attach headphones into their computers so it is suggested that you bring your own set. Do not have a very loud volume to avoid distracting other users. But if you are supposedly not allowed to use headphones, try using earbuds instead so you will be able to hide it with your hair or clothes.

How to find music not blocked by school?
Since most of the schools are blocking certain sites, finding music not blocked by school can be a difficult task. Most students will try looking for Youtube which may probably be blocked already. Try looking for sites that are mainly for listening to music alone. Granting that most music sites are blocked, you can look for proxy sites. These proxy sites are used to get through the firewalls. Aside from that, these proxy sites give privacy since your IP will not be shown in the history. Using Google or Yahoo search can help you look for effective proxy sites.

Be sure to have a music player.
Sometimes, proxy sites are also blocked by the school, making it a lot more difficult for you to choose music that fits your mood and your taste. Try looking for the music player on your school computer and you might be able to find some interesting music. Although you cannot choose the music you would like to listen to, at least you still are able to work with music. It might even help you widen your musical horizon.

Upload music yourself.
If the computer laboratory allows usage of CDs or USB drives, then it would be so much better to bring your own music player and listen to the music you have from home.

Listening to music while going through your daily life can add some spice and color to what may seem like a boring day. You can try the tips mentioned above and be amazed with how much music can brighten up your day!

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