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Life of a Vegetarian: Eat Green, Live Green

Heard the adage “Green is a way of life”? The concept of green living supports this as it involves consuming huge amounts of fiber coming from fruits and vegetables. Although food consumption is one of the major areas of green living, the lifestyle also involves environment-friendly practices in other forms.

One of the major factors that strongly correlate fruits and vegetables to green living is that it promotes wellness and sustainability. Its nutritional content is said to positively contribute to one’s health. Interestingly, people who are actively promoting sustainability have changed their eating patterns wherein consumption of meat has been eliminated. Some have totally eliminated meat as well as its by-products in their diets (Vegans) whereas some do not eat meat but still consume its products such as eggs, milks and cheese (Semi-vegetarians).

Skeptics often think that vegetarians are mostly environmentalists. While this holds true, there are different factors why a person chooses to become a vegetarian. Some may do it exclusively for health purposes, with the intention to recover from certain food allergies or diseases, whereas some practice vegetarianism in support to animal welfare – they detest the intentional killing of farm animals for human consumption. As for the environmentalist, being a vegetarian is one’s means of reducing carbon print. Aside from noxious gases and smoke from vehicles, human beings also release their carbon print whenever they eat meat, particularly from cows. Some on the other hand become vegetarian for spiritual reasons. Believing the body and soul connection, these people feel cleaner when they are devoid of pollutants such as those of food from animals.

Indeed, vegetarianism goes beyond the consumption of food deemed to be beneficial to the human body. Vegetarianism is a form of self-expression, a manner in which an individual shows the world how much he values himself, by means of feeding it with quality foods that will nourish the body, thus maximizing its fullest potential. Moreover, it is one’s way of contributing to the preservation of the environment so it can be seen by the generations to come. Truly, green is a way of life.

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