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Let Your Hands Do The Modeling

Who would have thought that there is such a thing as hand modeling? Seriously, there IS such a thing in the modeling business. You’ll never know what you might just get paid for with a beautiful pair of hands. Of course, it is not as easy as it seems, even if it is just your hands and not the rest of your body that is on the limelight. Aspiring hand models should be perceptive that potential agencies are rather very finicky. Consider these few but essential tips that you should bear in mind if you want to pursue a hand modeling career.
let your hands do the modeling
Just like other kinds of modeling careers, your personality goes along with your beautiful hands. How you take care of yourself, not only your hands, is very important. Have good look at your hands – beautiful hands doesn’t necessarily mean clean ones. You should have an even skin tone and well-maintained nails. Protruding veins, scars, birthmarks, irregularly shaped nails may compromise your chances.

The key is to always maintain your hands and nails. Now, that is a good reason to become vain once in awhile. Apply moisturizers and hand creams that are appropriate for your skin type. Stay away from activities as much as possible that will likely give you scratches or scars. Visit your manicurist on a regular basis for your nail maintenance. Eat healthy foods to keep your skin flawless and radiant. Take sufficient doses of vitamins C and E, Omega-3 oils and zinc. Water helps improve your skin tone, so drink plenty. Always apply sun block whenever you go out.

Magazine or ad campaigns can help you get great ideas for your hand poses. Study them but remember that you have to naturally pose on your own for your profile and portfolio creation. If you have a professional photographer friend, that would really save you money. Otherwise, a high-end digital camera will work just as fine. Strike awesome various poses for your hand modeling, one shot with your face will not be an issue, perhaps your prospective agent would want your face to be seen too. Always update your portfolio, make it impressive and have it ready all the time for submission.

Next, scout or do some research-work to locate and contact small and larger modeling agencies. Inquire if they represent hand models and be sure to tell them that you have a portfolio ready for their perusal. Be up-front and direct with your intention of having a hand modeling career. Set up for an interview with the modeling agency that you have contacted. Be professional, wear something proper and be on time. You will be evaluated accordingly, so put your best foot forward to earn their approval. After the interview, always have a follow-up. Be persistent.

To round everything up, as an old adage goes: no pain, no gain. It pays to be diligent in everything you do. Taking care of your hands, eating the right kinds of food, and having that positive and professional attitude are very important. Who knows, one of these days, your beautiful hands will be on the pages of a magazine.

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