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Learning to Cook is Learning to Care

Everyone loves to eat so shouldn’t everyone be able to cook as well? The importance of learning to cook is very much underrated. Most of the time, we don’t give a second thought as to how our meal was prepared or who prepared it for us as long as we enjoy eating it.


Most people realize the importance of learning to cook as early as during their childhood. This is especially applicable to large families, with busy kitchens all throughout the day. Having lots of mouths to feed, these large families spend most of the day preparing a meal or planning the next one. In addition, the planning part allows families to choose from a wide selection of healthy, home-cooked recipes that the kids will surely love. It’s also a good way for the family to bond, especially when the children’s participation is encouraged. Learning how to cook a new dish will surely be a good bonding experience and keeps the family tighter.


In most traditional families, it was quite normal for the father to work while the mother stayed home and took care of the family. However, in some unconventional homes, the father does the majority of cooking, maybe because he enjoys it so much and it provides the mother with just a little more time for herself – a rare commodity especially in a house full of children. In these homes, children are also expected to help with chores and assist in every way possible during mealtime – from simple table setting and cleaning the dishes to something more interesting such as learning how to cook at a very early age. More than just cooking 101, the time these children spend together in preparing the dishes are those that each one will remember and cherish once they have moved on and built their own families. It then becomes their turn to impart the values they have learned in these cooking sessions to their own children. For some, it also becomes a good way to jumpstart their career in the food and cooking industry. Learning to cook at an early age is one common factor most world-renowned chefs would share when asked how they discovered their passion for cooking.

Although most of the most successful chefs have gone through intense cooking schools, it is not necessary to attend a culinary school or receive formal training to become successful in a food business. Learning to cook can lead to a great income in the simplest of businesses. But maybe the best part of learning how to cook is just the simple pleasure of knowing that your family is well taken care of and the occasional “Thanks Mom” or “Thanks Dad” after a quiet family dinner at home.

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