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LASIK Your Way to a Good Eyesight

The most common corrective, surgical technique today that can address a variety of visual problems is LASIK, which employs the use of laser during surgery. Contrary to common belief (given that most surgical procedures are done by doing incisions and cutting tissues that are associated with pain), this surgical method is less invasive that the patient feels, if present, only little operative or post-operative discomfort. LASIK has been proven to be safe and is now widely performed across the globe.
LASIK Your Way to a Good Eyesight
This procedure is done while the patient is conscious since generally, LASIK involves less discomfort. This is made possible through the use of mild sedating medications and the application of topical anesthetic eye drops. Surgery is performed by thinly incising a small surface of the cornea using a microkeratome or a femtosecond laser, thus a single corneal flap is formed. This process may put minimal eye pressure to the patient, which is a normal occurrence while undergoing this type of procedure. Once a flap is done, it needs to be lifted slightly away from the central portion of the cornea, to allow the surgeon to properly explore the area that has to be reshaped for correction. After doing the needed corneal reshaping, the flap will be returned to its original position where it will adhere to the cornea naturally and heal on its own in a short period of time.

The LASIK laser surgery may bear post-operative complications just like any other surgical procedures. This may be in the form of irritation, slight changes in visual acuity, appearance of halos or starbursts upon looking at bright objects, and other common eye discomfort, which can be felt immediately after the surgery. These complications usually do not last long and may be relieved through the use of some eye medications if necessary.

Generally, the whole surgical procedure will not put the patient in definite major risks and safety is not an issue. LASIK surgery, with the utilization of laser has been proven to be an effective treatment for eye problems. The best part about undergoing LASIK is that the patient experiences almost negligible pain during and after the operation. The surgery itself may carry with it some complications but those can easily be addressed by the attending eye physician. But before signing up, make sure that you’ll consult an experienced LASIK surgeon first for an elaborate discussion on the most suitable treatment for your eye condition.

And while most eye problems are brought about by aging, there are still several ways you can care for your eyes. One of this is through the intake of foods rich in Vitamin A such as carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, and green leafy vegetables.

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