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Kong Lo Cave: One For The Books!

You have to admit, whenever you think of the word cave, you think creepy, eerie, dark and sometimes, scary! Well, you will find all of that true when you head on down to Kong Lo Cave, which has been dubbed as one of the scariest caves in the world! Oooh, if that doesn’t make you interested, we don’t know what will.

kong lo cave

King Lo Cave can be found in Laos, South East Asia. So if you’re anywhere near the area—this is definitely a must do for you!

Also called Tham Kong Lo, this karst limestone cave has also been named as one of Southeast Asia’s geological wonders. And why wouldn’t it be? Visitors have really enjoyed their visit that they even forget about the three hour travel in a jam-packed bus. It will all be worth it once you reach Kong Lor Village where you will get to explore their rich culture.

Once you’re done with all of that and you think you’re ready for the real challenge, make your way to the cave entrance where you will find boats lined up with boatmen trying to talk you into riding their own boat. (Mind you, none of them will be speaking great English.) Hop on in the boat and brace yourself for the 7.5 km ride through the cave and out to the valley beyond.

The cave is deep, wide and high. In some parts, it can even go as high as 100 meters high and 90 meters wide. Now, that’s a big cave! Make sure you don’t fall off the boat as well because it’s pitch dark in there. And if you don’t know how to swim, some parts of the cave are 7 metres deep, so be very careful!!

Some boatmen will stop in a part in the cave where there is a pool that glows a pretty bright emerald color. Locals will tell you that this pool is sacred and it is said to resemble the skin of one of their Gods, Indra. Awesome!

Some tour companies organize trips that include a lunch and hike along with your mini van and driver. Hmm, now doesn’t that sound like a good backpacking adventure?

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