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Knowing the Right Glucosamine Dosage For Dogs

Dogs have been quoted as “man’s best friend” ever since the world began. They are known to be the loyal pets that will always be willing to risk their lives to protect you and the whole family from harm. Aside from being a trusted friend, dogs are the ones who welcome you home by licking your face after a long, tiring day at work. These creatures are indeed an important part of our lives and most people, especially the known dog lovers, treat them as part of the family, like daughters and sons, brothers and sisters. These have become a motivation for pet owners to keep their dogs healthy and safe. Vitamins and vaccines are provided for dogs to ensure good health. An example of this is glucosamine. Glucosamine has a specific dosage for each pet. So what is the right glucosamine for dogs?

knowing the right glucosamine dosage for dogs

Correct glucosamine dosage for dogs will surely aid the dogs if they have difficulties in walking, running or even standing. Veterinarians have found out that the probability of dogs having arthritis, osteoarthritis and the like is higher these days. The chances of having these ailments can be lessened by giving the correct glucosamine dosage for dogs. Glucosamine strengthens joints and lessens the feeling of tiredness. When glucosamine is given to dogs, it goes to the joints, thwarting the existence of swellings.

But you should know that glucosamine has been controlled by the FDA. This means that only a certain glucosamine dosage for dogs is allowed. Since glucosamine is a natural body substance, it is responsible for maintaining body movements. But dogs use up more glucosamine content as they grow older, leaving them very vulnerable to diseases in relation to joints. Providing ample glucosamine dosage for dogs will prevent symptoms of pain and diseases.

Dog owners should be sensitive to the pain of their pets since dogs cannot express their pains aloud. You should know the right quality, method and the price it costs. If you decide to have this supplement, be aware that this will be the dog’s maintenance. Double dosage may be given to dogs with movement problems. Just remember to go back to giving the regular supplement dosage once your dog shows improvement already.

Dogs may have different reactions to glucosamine. Some may take it as it is but most would surely prefer it with their food. You can mix it with their dog food, or let them eat peanut butter or meat with the supplement in it. There are also flavored tablets available for those dogs with prescribed diet.

It is said that the movement of the dogs should improve in a matter of two to four weeks. If the treatment process would be stopped for those pets that have movement problems, expect that they would become worse. But remember, seek advice from the vet first before giving glucosamine and make sure that you will ask what the right glucosamine dosage for dogs is.

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