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Kids, Celebrations, and Tea Party Sandwiches

Having lots of kids over for an event or a party and not knowing what to prepare for them is a common dilemma for parents, especially moms. Planning kids’ parties is not always an easy task. You’d never know what their preferences are and at the back of your mind, there’s an ongoing debate as to which is a better option – serving them a meal or a snack.
kids celebrations and tea party sandwiches
Instead of simply resorting to candies and sugar filled goodies, you could try serving them tea party sandwiches. These are some simple and healthy snacks that would be great among the kids, and would heartily fill them up too. The sandwiches are easy to prepare and can easily adapt well to any party theme.

Tea party sandwiches, sometimes known as finger sandwiches, are simple meals prepared in a fancy way. To make one, you’ll need to toast a slice of bread, smear some base condiments, cut the bread slice lengthwise into two equal rectangles and fill them up with your desired contents.

It is not always necessary to toast the bread but it will make the sandwiches sturdier, especially when preparing them in advance. In any case, one particularly likes a soggy sandwich.

The rectangular shapes are only an example of the many ways you can prepare these sandwiches. You can have them in even smaller rectangles by dividing the slice into three equal parts, or even have them in a triangular shape. In case you are having a themed party, you can use the aid of cookie cutters to shape the sandwiches in accordance with the theme. For instance, if it’s a girly birthday party, you can shape the tea party sandwiches as tiaras. On the other hand, if the party has a boy’s theme, then you can have ships and boats, or even cars.

One key point to remember would be to avoid toasting the bread in case you need to cut them using cookie cutters. It would be a very daunting task to shape toasted breads. What you can do is to toast the tea party sandwiches after they have been shaped and prepared.

Here are some creative yet simple ideas for tea party sandwiches:
1. Have some roasted vegetables and top them with mozzarella cheese for some vegetarian fun.
2. Go green and healthy with fillings of cream cheese and sprouts.
3. Spread some apricot jam with butter on toasted bread.
4. Add simple hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper and have some cheese slices for additional depth.
5. Have simple BLT sandwiches that would well adapt to a farm themed party.

When it comes to the topic of sandwich fillings, there are more than enough ways in which you can do this. You need not get much worked up and go for meticulous filling preparations. Simple options like, mayonnaise and turkey, or peanut butter and jelly would easily do the trick.

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