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Keeping Your Yorkie Happy

When you first held your Yorkshire terrier, you had never fathomed just how much impact it will have on your life. It has become more than just a pet and a companion but a family member you adore and hold dearly in your heart. Whenever you see it wag its tail with happiness as you arrive through the doors at home, it brings you a certain kind of happiness as well. Here are some great tips for Yorkie lovers to keep your best pup buddy comfortable and happy.
First off, just like any living thing, food is a basic and vital necessity. Make sure that you feed your Yorkie properly, not less nor too much as either may have negative implications to their health. Yorkies eat most types of dog foods, even cat foods as long as they are served in smaller portions. Each yorkie has its own preference whether they like it dry or the regular type. Keep it varied and make sure that you have a bowl of water just beside the treat so they could easily drink some.

Keeping Your Yorkie Happy
Next off, although Yorkies sleep more than other dog breeds, they prefer being occupied when awake. A bored dog can be destructive regardless of the size and can be harmful to the furniture too. They will find a new way to entertain themselves when left with nothing to do, thus it is best that they remain busy with playful activities. Give them a walk at least twice a day, but don’t tire out their tiny legs. Buy them some dog toys as well so they have something to play with in the corner when indoors.

With all the activities you will be planning for your Yorkie, you must also ensure that they get to the pet salon on a regular basis. Keep their nails chipped and their hairs cut so that they won’t hurt themselves. Also, long hair may prevent them from seeing properly.

Last but most important of all is that you and your dog get to have quality time together. Spend some time to bond with your Yorkie by playing catch, letting them sleep with you, or simply just cuddling. Your loyal companion will surely return your love and affection by being the best dog friend a man could ever wish to have. Through these simple advices, you will soon have a happy, healthy, loving and loyal Yorkie, making both of you happy and satisfied.

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