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Keeping Jack Russell Terriers Warm During Fall/Winter

Jack Russell Terriers are energetic dogs which need regular exercise. They cannot sit on the couch the whole day, they are born to dig. Jack Russell Terriers are very active that when not trained well, they can be destructive.
Keeping Jack Russell Terriers Warm During Fall/Winter
When you are a pet parent and you have a Jack Russell terrier as your fur baby, you need to firmly and consistently train the terrier from a young age so he can understand the boundaries necessary for living with you.

It is a good thing to walk your Jack Russell Terrier everyday because they like to play games like hide and seek, and fetch.

During winter, when it is cold outside, you and your fur baby may enjoy playing in the snow but the cold may be dangerous to your Jack Russell Terrier. A dog that gets too cold may develop hypothermia when his body temperature falls below normal. Frostbite may also happen, and your dog’s paws, tails, and ears are most susceptible to damage.

Although almost all dogs have fur coats, they may not be enough to protect some breeds from the harsh effects of low temperatures, wind, and precipitation. They need more protective gear to keep them warm.

One of the most important protective gears that a dog of any size or breed can benefit from is footwear. Dog boots or booties can prevent slipping on icy roads and sidewalks. They may be made of fabric, canvas, leather, or nylon but they need to have a durable surface to provide a grip on slippery or icy surfaces. They must be secured around the dog’s legs but not too tight to cut off circulation.

Another essential winter gear for dogs of any breed is a coat or a jacket, and you might want to consider the heated dog coat which is gaining popularity among pet parents these days. It is an ideal attire to protect your fur baby from the cold. It has electrically heated panels to keep your dog warm.

Heated dog coats can keep your Jack Russell Terriers warm during fall and winter seasons. Aside from protection against cold, the heated dog coats also provide the following health benefits to your dogs:
● They prevent shivering, hypothermia, and frostbite
● They restore the damaged cells in the ligaments and the tendons
● They reduce ligament stress, improving the circulation of the lower limbs
● They revitalize the tired tendon fibers
● They reduce the build up of lactic and uric acid
● They reduce swelling and fluid retention
● They promote cellular healing and regeneration
● They prevent injuries by improving tendon and ligament fiber strength
● They provide pain relief

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