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Keep Your Jack Russell Terrier Happy

The Jack Russell Terrier is an energetic dog that is most happy when given a job to do. They are born for active work, it is what they love to do. If you have a job for your Jack Russell that can push his limits and hold his full attention, then you are the right pet parent for a Jack Russell Terrier.
Keep Your Jack Russell Terrier Happy
An unhappy terrier can become dangerous, but there are ways to keep your Jack Russell terrier happy.

It is very important to start training your Jack Russell Terrier while he is still a puppy. Give him the basic training such as “sit”, “down”, “heel” and a lot more. He is going to be happy about it.

To give him an outlet for his energy, get him to exercise at least twice a day. Playing active games with him help to release his pent-up energy. Terriers love to play fetch.

Provide your Jack Russell terrier with durable chew toys. There are many dog chews in the market which are beneficial to your Jack Russell and which can keep him busy for several hours. Do not give him stuffed toys to chew on because he may tear it apart and try to eat the pieces.

Jack Russell terriers tend to become aggressive to other dogs. Be sure that your Jack Russell socializes with other dogs while he is still a puppy to get him used to their presence. Do not make it a habit to pick him up when other dogs are around. This can cause him to be nervous and aggressive with the other dogs. In case the other dog bullies your fur baby, you can be assured that your Jack Russell can take on a dog three times his size. Jack Russell terriers are strong and sturdy dogs.

Never hit your Jack Russell terrier, or any other breed for that matter, when they do something bad. Hitting them can make them aggressive, and in time they become stubborn and no longer obey your commands. Stand your ground and look your Jack Russell in the eye. Say “no” firmly and calmly. You repeat the command until he stops what he is doing. Do not yell or act scared or your dog may think he is the boss. If he growls or barks, don’t show fear, he won’t hurt you if you remain calm.

The best way to keep your Jack Russell terrier happy is to love your dog. In fact, all dogs are happy when their pet parents love them. Jack Russell terriers are extremely loyal to their owners. You can even let them sleep at your feet.

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