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Karaoke-ing at Home

Do you have friends coming over at your place this weekend? Thinking of ways of entertaining them aside from the usual catch up over meals? A good way to bond with your friends is to sing your hearts out at the comfort of your home with a karaoke!
Karaoke-ing at Home
First time to host a sing-along night at home? Set up your home karaoke sound system easy breezy with the right equipment such as the following:

Start up your own collection of CDs showcasing a wide array of different music genre and artists that your guests may choose to sing along.

What’s a karaoke party without microphones? Have your golden singing voices heard with a high quality microphone. Depending on your preference and budget, you may either have a wireless or wired microphone. To ensure good resonance of voice, look for those microphones with noise cancelling filters so as to avoid the static feedback you usually hear whenever the mic goes off.

Multi-format Karaoke Disk Player
Got several tapes and CDs of your favorite artists waiting to be played in a karaoke? Make this happen by having a multi-format Karaoke Disk Player. This type of karaoke player is capable of playing songs in the form of VCD, DVD and even those in mp3 format. Make sure that your disk player is equipped with keys that allow easy navigation of songs that you wish to sing.

For techie savvies or those who would wish to entertain guests on a budget, instead of buying a new karaoke disk player, you can make use of your laptop! There are media programs and applications that can function as a karaoke disk player.

Belt out the correct lyrics of the song being played using a monitor. You may use your trusty flat screen TV to flash the music video.

High Quality Stereo Speakers
Have the best karaoke session with a high quality speaker. While some speakers are capable of providing high quality sound, some speakers tend to produce feedback when you turn up the volume. Choose the speaker that would further highlight your voice.

Maximize the performance of your sound system with an amplifier. You need not have the mixing boards like those found in the clubs or recording studios for you to level up the sound. Just a simple amplifier equipped with a graphic equalizer that can control channels and balances the different elements of sound will do.

Hosting a karaoke party or a mini sing-along session at home is a fun and cost-effective way of maximizing your guests’ time while visiting your humble abode.

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