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Is Love Enough Reason to Say “I Do”?

No matter how modern our world is today and what used to be the norms of the yesteryears have changed, still, marriage is one of the most talked about subjects. The “mystery” behind it continues to lurk in the fibers of our society. The typical question we often hear: “Why do people get married?” Perhaps the quick answer to that is this adage: “No man is an island.” In other words, people yearn for companionship.

is love enough reason

Huh? Yes, you are probably baffled even more. Couples decide to tie the knot because of the commitment, respect, and permanence marriage can offer. Who wouldn’t want that kind of assurance? Marriage is not simply a declaration of “I love you.” Certainly, you want to add more meaning to that. There is something deeper than simply knowing the LOVE someone has for you. Marriage can enrich the romantic value of the relationship. You want to grow old with that special someone, face life together as spouses through thick and thin. To wake up every morning next to the one who vowed to share life with you. Rearing your children as a married couple makes it easier and better to effectively raise healthy and well-rounded children. For most couples, marriage is divine. Both you and your significant other seek the blessing of the church or congregation. It further consecrates the union.

Everyone needs love and wants to be loved. Being in a long-term relationship offers you the security knowing that there is one person you can share many things with. However, majority of long-term relationships do not end up in marriage. It is a heartbreaking reality to see such sweet relationships turn sour and even bitter sometimes. There are many reasons why couples decide to call it quits. Along the way, they may have realized many things about each other. Things that were once tolerable have become unbearable. For instance, miscommunication, unnecessary interferences, infidelity, lack of commitment, the habit of lying and making excuses, and too much familiarity are the common reasons why long-term relationships do not end up in marriage.

This now leads to another complex question: Is love a good enough reason to get married? Ask those who have “been there and done that”, they will tell you that love alone is not enough to say, “I do.” Without doubt, anyone can love someone. However, that does not guarantee that the relationship is fit for the couples involved.

There are other factors to make a sound marriage and these are trust and communication. It is but normal that you want that marital bliss. Everyone does. You need to be truly aware of what you look for in a spouse. Doing this can greatly help you in the end. It is part of your journey to have a lasting marriage. Here are some attributes most people look for in a spouse – loyalty, emotional soundness, financial stability, family background, habits, interests, life plans, and perception towards family and rearing children. Now you know that love should not be the sole reason for getting hitched. You also have to be prepared for the responsibility that encompasses married life.

As they say, to make a marriage work, it takes two to tango: for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, and sometimes, even death could not break.

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