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Is Hummus Good for You?

Is Hummus Good for You?


Coming from the Arabic word which means chickpeas, hummus is a dip made out of beans and loved by many for centuries, most especially those in the Middle East. They eat this type of dip mainly to get fiber that aids in digestion. But there is one question, however; is hummus good for you? To answer the question, here are some facts that’ll help you gain knowledge about hummus, especially if you want to include it in your diet.

Elements in making Hummus

Varieties of hummus are made in different parts of the Middle East. But the most famous is the original hummus. The recipe consists of beans (garbanzos), olive oil, pasta and citric juice. If you prefer giving flavor to your home-cooked hummus, you may use other seasonings of your preference. One tablespoon is the standard serving so make sure that you know how much hummus to have.

Is hummus good for you in terms of its nutritional content?

According to the Nutrition Data Laboratory, a tablespoon serving of hummus consists of 25 calories as well as protein content of 73 grams. It also has .6 grams of fiber, 3 grams of carbohydrates and sodium amounting to 57 grams.

What can we get from eating hummus?

Hummus is said to be a good choice as a side dish or a snack because of its low unhealthy fat levels. It contains only a little amount of sodium and apparently, it has no sugar content which aids in keeping you healthy and your diet right on track. Since it is known for being fibrous, it also helps you in having a healthy digestive system. On top of that, the other components of hummus gives your brain a push to work a little faster than its normal pace.

Too much of something is bad

The nutritional benefits of hummus were already discussed, making it a healthy snack for you. But always remember to carefully measure and moderate the amount of hummus you eat. Also, you have to consider the set of foods that are good to pair with hummus, like raw vegetables or crackers. When deciding to buy commercial products, you should read the labels and the nutritional facts to make sure they do not contain unwanted ingredients that cause dreaded diseases such as cancer.

After reading the benefits, is hummus good for you?


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