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Is Driving Safe After a Cataract Surgery?

There would come a time when a person would be experiencing difficulties with their eyesight. Some may have astigmatism while others might be develop cataracts. A cataract is usually experienced by people as they age. This is basically due to the changes in the metabolic fibers that cause loss of transparency or worse, the loss of one’s vision. Fortunately, there are now ways of treating this problem and one of them is through a cataract surgery. A cataract surgery is a procedure done to remove the natural lens of the eyes that has developed opacification or cataract. With this procedure, the cloudy natural lens in the patient’s eyes is removed and then replaced with synthetic lens in order to restore its transparency.
Is Driving Safe After a Cataract Surgery?
This lens replacement procedure can indeed be a miracle cure for those with cataract, especially people with severe ones. But of course, as with any changes,adjustments are also needed. Many have been wondering if they could do the same activities after the surgery, like driving for instance. But there are things that patients have to remember regarding the recovery period. Traditional synthetic lens give crisp vision either at a distance or close-up but usually, it is not both. If the patient chooses to have lens that are good for reading, then one may need new driving glasses because his vision significantly changes after the surgery. It can take some time for a person’s visual system to adjust after the cataract has been removed.

There are some side effects that can be experienced after a cataract surgery. But patients are assured that these are temporary and just a normal post-surgery phase. These effects can include sticky or itchy eyes together with a blurry vision for a few days. Aside from that, there can be a gritty feeling and the eye might experience a slight ache. The vision may seem to be cloudy and distorted. Some patients may even report seeing wavy vision that may last for a couple of days. This means that if one drives after the surgery, he can have difficulty seeing the road clearly and may lead to an accident.

Most surgeons recommend that patients give themselves enough time to heal. The cataract surgery recovery is known to be uneventful and short. But patients should be aware that they have to take a rest. And when it comes to driving, patients are advised to have someone drive for them until they have fully recovered. A lot of patients report clear vision within a week after the surgery but it is undeniable that each person heals differently. This means that patients should take their time, maybe two more weeks after the surgery to regain the sharpest focus.

The cataract surgery recovery should be complete in about three weeks or a month. By this time, the eyes are completely healed. This would mean that patients can now drive and enjoy the seeing the road bright and clear.

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