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Is Black Coffee Good for You?

Is black coffee good for you? Black coffee may be good for health, but only when taken in moderation. Studies show that coffee does not only help us keep awake and alert, it also has preventative effects against hypertension, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and liver diseases. Of course, too much of anything is bad, and that includes black coffee. An average of eight ounces of coffee is okay, but anything more than eight ounces is already excessive.

 is black coffee good for you?

Black Coffee & Hypertension

Caffeine has diuretic properties that help improve one’s blood pressure. This is good news especially for those who have hypertension or high blood pressure. In spite of this, many people question the benefits black coffee has for the heart. They say that caffeine raises the heart rate, thus causing minor palpitation, but this is actually a mere temporary effect. Studies have yet to show the relation between increased probability of heart disease and coffee.

Black Coffee & Diabetes

It is said that coffee helps prevent Type 2 Diabetes among patients. This conclusion was published on “American Journal and Clinical Nutrition” with a study stating that drinking four cups of coffee or more everyday caused a 30% risk reduction of diabetes development. It is inferred that caffeine is the key ingredient responsible for this. If you are wondering, is black coffee good for you and your health, this research says that it probably is.

Black Coffee & Parkinson’s Disease

Aside from Type 2 Diabetes, black coffee coffee is also said to help prevent Parkinson’s Disease among patient. This was published in the “Movement Disorders” journal. Over 29 thousand subjects were studied. The risk of developing the Parkison’s Disease was reduced for those who drank five cups of coffee or more daily.

Black Coffee & Liver Diseases

Black coffee is also known to help prevent liver cancer development. This was published in an issue of “Hepatology” back in 2009. It stated that consuming coffee regularly is associated with lower risks of Hepatitis C progression, cirrhosis, chronic liver disease, and liver cancer.

While these studies clearly state that there is an association between coffee intake and reduced risk for certain diseases, this is not an excuse for us to consume tons of coffee everyday. Is black coffee good for you—the answer to that may not be very clear, but suffice to say that too much of anything, including healthy, is not.

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