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iPhone 7 Rumors Now Out with New Specs!

As iPhone 7 rumors quickly spread, Apple fans become more and more excited about it. Even though September 2016 is its estimated release date, it is worth knowing what iPhone 7 has to offer today.

One of the biggest iPhone 7 rumors include Apple’s aim to make it thinner than previous models by removing the 3.5mm headphone jack and using in-cell panel technology. The iPhone 7 could then be between 6.0 and 6.5mm allowing for a sleeker appearance. With the emptied space, it will give the model more internal space for other features.


For stereo audio, a second speaker may replace the said space. Improved electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding may also be implemented by Apple. With EMI, wireless interference is prevented while allowing chips in the iPhone 7 to be put closer. Long-standing antenna bands may not be seen anymore and its camera module’s protrusion may be reduced with the reports saying, “The rear-camera will sit within the aluminum casing, and antenna bands will sit only on the upper and lower edges, instead of extending across the width of the handset.” This provides for more space again for other components.

With the headphone jack removed, Apple is allegedly working on wireless earphones which can be connected via Bluetooth and Lightning port to sell together with iPhone 7. The wireless earphones are said to look like the Bragi Dash which will have a four-hour battery life that can be charged through its carrying case. But with the Lightning port used for connecting earphones, the charging port is compromised. Thus, this sparks the speculation of iPhone 7 having a wireless charging technology.

Other iPhone 7 rumors include a new composite material allowing for a more strengthened, water-resistant feature. With its sleeker new design and materials, it can now better withstand dust and other harmful substances.

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