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Investment Banking: For Aspiring Hotshots

Investment banking is becoming a lucrative career for many people, especially those with previous banking experience. Although the job may require long working hours and the competition may be tough, this is definitely a nice career for those who want to get a big paycheck.
investment banking: for aspiring hotshots
Knowing the investment banker job description is a must for those who want to try this field. This job involves raising the debt capital and equity for different companies. You’ll need to provide financial service to clients, like raising capital and underwriting. When raising capital, you will act as a middleman between the issuer and the investors. An investment banker may also help clients in restructuring their company for debts in order to ease out financial stress.

Merger and acquisition services are also included in the investment banker job description. You’ll have to attend to the buying and selling parts of the deal. This means that you will have to take a client company to the market and find a way to sell the company in a strategic way or help another client in looking for an ideal company to purchase.

Even if you can handle the investment banker job description, you also need to possess the right skill that will make the job easy for you. You need the work stamina to make through the long working hours. You need to be able to stand through the tough tasks of the job. There will always be something challenging that will come up to your day at the office.

Having good, if not excellent communications skills will prove to be helpful in the industry. This is needed in communicating with your team and also with clients, lawyers, and other consultants. Being able to communicate and express your intentions and messages well despite the hot-tempered clients or the difficulty in dealing with top-ranking executives is a much-needed skill. This sometimes is the only way to achieve your goals and finish the tasks at hand.

Valuation is another necessary skill that an investment banker must possess. Estimating the value of companies and future cash flows is a must when in the industry. One may need to do these tasks often, especially when analyzing these figures for publishing and recommendation to clients. You have to assess the future scenarios of the business and perform competitive and risk analysis of the business. Data regarding the rates of return, tax ramification, costs of capital, debit, and equity also have to be collected in order to supply an adequate understanding of the business and industry.

Being able to fulfill these tasks and possessing the right educational background and skills will definitely help you go a long way in this field. Those who are interested in marketing and finance can also be a good fit for the job. Make sure that you secure leadership and managerial experiences in different organizations or businesses before applying for an investment banker position. It may not be explicitly stated in the investment banker job description but possessing these skills is a huge plus.

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