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Interesting Facts About Dogs and Why Everyone Should Own One

We’ve all heard the saying that “Dog is a man’s best friend” and its true isn’t it? There is no more loyal or loving pet than a dog. But they are much more than that. People all around the world consider their dog to be a part of the family and rightly so. After all, no other animal in the world is as loving and attentive as the domesticated dog. Here are some interesting facts about dogs that you might not know. You are probably aware that dogs have great hearing but did you know that they can hears sounds from four times further away than what we can, both above and below the human frequency range? A dog is truly one of the most amazing animals in this planet.
Interesting Facts About Dogs and Why Everyone Should Own One
Another one of the interesting facts about dogs is that they are actually ancestors of the silver wolf and share much of the same social structure as a wolf pack. One of the main differences between dogs and wolves is that wolves eat only meat but dogs eat fruits, plants, and basically any kind of food you feed them. Wolves also have a larger head and paws than the modern dog and are much more aggressive.

The dog was first domesticated by people more than 15,000 years ago and was very helpful to people during the hunting season. They give protection to these people while hunting wild animals. The dog varies in size and appearance and has more unique personality traits than any other animal known to mankind. It is even surmised that dogs played a major role by pulling sleds when humans first crossed the Bering Strait. Dogs today are more important than ever and assist us in many ways including bomb detection, as guide dogs for the blind and even as companions for the elderly and sick. Unfortunately dogs don’t live as long as we do and have an average lifespan of only 10-12 years, though the oldest dog was known to have lived up to almost three decades.

Here are some more interesting facts about dogs:
· Dogs cannot see the colors red or green.
· The current dog population is approximately 400 million.
· The largest dog on record weighed 343 pounds and the tallest was measured at around 42 and a half inches measured from ground to shoulder level.
· The smallest known dog was only 2 and a half inches tall and weighed an amazing 4 ounces.
· Although most people don’t realize it, dogs do have natural enemies including leopards, hyenas and tigers. Ironically, the dog’s ancestor the wolf also preys on dogs in the wild.

So the next time you see a dog, take a moment to remember some of the interesting facts about dogs that you have read here today and remember, a dog is not only a unique and amazing animal, it really is your best friend!

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