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Ingredients in Making Natural Soap

Making soaps and giving it to others have always been a pleasure to many. This is because it sparks one’s creativity. Regardless of having tried it or not, there will always be good reasons to create your own soap product. Controlling the quality of ingredients is one of the greatest secrets in producing a wonderful product. The following are terrific natural soap ingredients.


The Magic of Lye

This is an important ingredient in making a soap. Lye originally was taken from hardwood ashes. If not enough lye is used in the process, the soap would appear to be too soft, thus difficult to use. And if much is used, the soap would be too harsh. Accurate scientific information to provide right amount of lye should be followed in order to achieve an accurate finished product.

Using Oils and Fats

Though many thought that animal fats are of no use, these are natural soap ingredients. Animal fats are used with the same amounts with lye. Amazingly, any of the fats and oils may be used in making soaps, and surprisingly, even shortenings that make the soaps harder. There are wide and many varieties of seed oils and vegetable that may be used as soap ingredient.


Acquired through the process of distillation, essential oils are obtained and are used to provide fragrance to materials. These oils may be tested if they are genuine by placing a drop on an absorbent paper. You will know if it’s authentic if it evaporates quickly. If you see oil marks left on the paper, there are oil mixtures within the specimen.

Make it Colorful

Natural soaps can be made using different ranges of colors that are naturally obtained using ingredients like spices, clay, or herbs. Depending on the purity of the oil, the colors it gives provide variations. Artificial dyes are recommended if you prefer more intense colors.


Fluids such as tea and water may be used as one of the natural soap ingredients. This is for dissolving lye in the mixture.

Oil Calculation

Oil calculation or what we call saponification values will determine how much natural soap ingredients are needed to perfect the recipe.

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