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Increasing Your Awareness on Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Obesity is indeed a big problem in many parts of the world. Thus, several techniques are now available in order to help improve the lives of the overweight and obese population. One of the techniques that is gaining popularity these days is the gastric sleeve surgery. The process will reduce your stomach size by 20 to 30% of its original size. This will in turn limit your food intake and hunger. As a result, you can expect weight loss in no time.
Increasing Your Awareness on Gastric Sleeve Surgery
With the help of bariatric surgery, a lot of people have experienced changes in their lifestyle. The best part here is that this kind of surgery is very minimally-invasive. These days, you will find bariatric produces that include gastric sleeve performed via laparoscopy. This is a process in which the surgeon creates small incisions in the belly in order to insert the instruments needed for operation. This is a better technique than cutting across the abdomen.

Experts in this field have found a much better alternative. This is through a non-invasive technique that allows them to do the entire surgery with just one cut instead of five incisions. The said cut is done near the belly button in order to make the patient more comfortable during the recovery process.

Results of Single Incision Sleeve Gastrectomy
With the help of this technique, the surgeon can remove about 25% of your stomach. The cut is usually less than an inch. As a result, the patient will have a faster recovery time and there will be no scarring issue at all.

Potential Candidates for this Surgery
Despite the fact that this idea seems to be a perfect option, not everyone is allowed to go for it. This method is usually given to obese people whose BMI is 40 or even lower. Also, they must not have any abdominal surgery prior to this. In addition, they should not have accumulated excessive fat in the midsection. To top it all, this is for those who really wanted to maintain the appearance of their body after surgery.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery
There are lots of advantages to this kind of surgery. As mentioned earlier, there is only one incision. Thus, there will be less visible scarring, less pain and faster recovery. Most of all, it lowers the risk of infection. Yet, it does not affect the main goal of inducing dramatic weight loss at the end of the day.

Now, despite all these advantages, the process also has some downsides. First is that it is a very complicated process. Surgeons have to make sure that they can find the exact place where the cut should be done. If they can’t do it right, they might not be able to operate on the necessary area right away. Also, a second cut is usually necessary to make sure that the liver will not in any way be affected.

Another concern about this process is of course the price. Since this is a relatively new technique, the price for the entire operation may be a little expensive. However, surgeons in certain areas conduct the surgery without necessarily placing a huge price tag for their patients.

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