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Improved Moods Thanks to BOTOX

Aside from freezing the facial muscles and giving patients a younger appearance, BOTOX has been found to be able to cure some problems that occur among patients such as clinical depression, chronic migraines, and can even improve one’s mood. This is due to the fact that BOTOX alters the facial expressions of those who have had it injected. And this can affect several things in the body including the heart rate and even skin temperature.
Improved Moods Thanks to BOTOX
There is current research that deals with a hypothesis which says that facial expressions are connected to brain function. This is called the “Facial Feedback Theory.” Since the brain is mainly in control of all bodily movements, facial expressions are believed to affect the way the brain can control and influence the body’s movements. For instance, when a person smiles, a chemical is produced which makes the person feel better. And inversely, if a person frowns, certain chemicals that may cause the person to feel low or a little depressed are produced as well.

Much research has been done to conclude that people who frown more are more likely to develop forms of depression than those who smile often. Perhaps this has something to do with the muscles as it has been said that it takes more facial muscles to frown than to smile. Some researchers also used BOTOX treatment as a way to test their theories about frowning and smiling. Since BOTOX helps people avoid frowning and from looking stressed out, it is believed to have something to do with giving people a better mood and boosting their spirits.

There was a study conducted in 2006 that gave patients diagnosed with clinical depression BOTOX injections. Researchers observed that almost all the patients showed clear signs of improvement in their depression. Then in 2012, a study done to support the “Facial Feedback Theory,” showed that the mood is in fact influenced by facial expressions and reflected by them as well. Just like the first study, the patients were administered BOTOX and researchers found that 80% of the sample showed improved and sustained results from the BOTOX. And these patients were given other forms of medication or depression treatment before the BOTOX where the researchers found that only 30% of the sample had shown signs of improvement.

Perhaps the results also have something to do with how people administered with BOTOX appear younger-looking which makes them feel better about themselves. Though it is possible, too, that as they feel better and their moods improve, they attract more positive energy from the people around them. The way to feel better must always begin from the inside and smiling more is one way to ensure a happier self.

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