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Ideas for Family Portraits

Having family portraits is a nice way to showcase your family bonding and relationship. This is useful especially if you want to post big frames of your family photos in your hallway or living room. You can make your own photo wall with different family photos from way back. These family photos are also nice keepsakes to have, especially when the family is growing.
ideas for family portraits
If you are a portrait photographer who’s tasked to create family portraits for your client, you definitely need to be armed with different family picture ideas. This is helpful in making your images different from the other photographers. In addition, those who are taking their own family’s photographs might need new ideas for inspiration, which they can learn from you.

There are many family picture ideas that are great for taking pictures of different families. The following are a few of the ideas that you can find useful:

Make sure that you use basic photography principles, like the depth of field. Try to blur the background and focus more on the subject. Use a shallow depth of field in order to create a soft look and to blur the background. This focuses the viewers to the faces and the people in the photo.

Unique formations and themes can construct interesting photos. One-of-a-kind themes, like doing a human pyramid or recreating a famous scene in a movie can add to an image’s appeal. You can be as creative as you can. Try to ask the family for other ideas that they want to do for their photos. Being experimental is great in order to produce creative and out-of-the-box images.

Sometimes, the simplest joke can bring the best out of your subjects. Crack a joke and make them laugh. This is among the foolproof family picture ideas that you can use if you want to capture laughing subjects. A hearty laugh can greatly improve the look of the subjects. Snap a candid photo of them after telling the joke.

There are also many uses to family portraits. You can use them for your personalized calendar. You can pick different photos that fit the season and the month. You can also post photos of your kids during their birth months. You can use the calendars in your office or in your bedrooms. Greeting cards are also nice ideas for your family pictures. Instead of buying cards to send to your family and friends, you can take your own family picture for different occasion, like Christmas and New Year, birthdays and others. Using different themes that match the month is also among the interesting family picture ideas.

Picture stories are also great ideas for photo albums. You can use this idea when arranging photos for events in your family life. You can start out with just a photo of you and your partner as a couple then photo of the kids when they were born. Add photos of the kids while they were growing up. You can also do yearly albums.

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