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How to Use Google Maps App Offline

If you’re traveling around a new place or just wondering where to find alternative routes, Google Maps can be really helpful. The only thing you need is to go online. But what if you run out of internet data? Can’t have an access to Wi-fi? Or internet is slow? Don’t worry because you can now access locations without going online. So here is how to use Google Maps app offline:

how to use google maps app offline

  • First, go to Google Maps app then find the location you want. However, doing so needs you to go online so it is important to do it beforehand.

  • Once you’re done finding your location, go to the app’s menu (three horizontal lines) found at the upper left corner then tap offline areas. To save your chosen location, tap the plus symbol found at the bottom right.

  • Before downloading it, zoom in or out until you’re satisfied with the location encompassed by the square box. (The biggest size you can download is 120,000 square kilometers only).

  • You can now tap download and name the location.

  • You can access your downloaded offline map by going to the app’s menu again. Tap offline areas, choose your map and you’re done!

    Remember that after about 30 days, the downloaded offline map will be automatically deleted. And one caveat of using Google Maps app offline is it can use up a lot of memory storage that can cause your device to run slowly. Nevertheless, using it is a very helpful tool.

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