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How to Replace the Toilet

Toilet replacement tends to be a strenuous task. A lot of people try to avoid doing it themselves and hire plumbers instead to do it for them. Although toilet replacement can be a bit complicated and will need pre-planning, this is a doable task for every homeowner.
how to replace the toilet
If you are doing a toilet replacement at home, just follow these simple steps. Make sure that you already have the needed tools to do this plumbing job. Keep different wrenches, pliers, and wheelbarrow within your reach. Ready your new toilet, pipe cap, and wax seal for the task.

Clear the area around the toilet, like carpeting and other furniture. The toilet may still drip even after being removed. So, it’s best to remove objects and items that might get soaked if the toilet drips. Ensure that the pathway for transporting the toilet out of the bathroom is also cleared, especially the rugs in the living room and hallway. Roll them up so you they won’t get wet when you’re passing by.

Then, turn off the water supply using your adjustable wrench. Turn the valve until there is no water running through your faucet. Flush the toilet a couple of times until there is no longer any water in the toilet bowl and the tank. After the water is completely drained, remove the water supply from the tank. Be careful of the residual water that might come out of the line.

Look for the bolts that can be found on the toilet bowl and the seat. Remove the plastic caps that are covering the nuts of these bolts. Then, loosen the nuts with pliers or with the socket wrench that best fits the nuts. After removing the bolts, you can easily rock the toilet bowl and the tank out of its place. Remove the seat covers if necessary in order to make it easier for you. Grasp the toilet and pull it firmly until the toilet screws are already removed. This might take up a lot of strength from you. Once you’ve fully taken out the toilet, place it in your wheelbarrow to relocate it somewhere else until disposal.

The central pipe has to be covered right away in order to prevent the nauseous gases from spreading. It is directly connected to the sewage system and you surely don’t want to smell whatever unwanted thing that may come out from down there. You can use an old cloth to stuff it or pipe caps in covering it. You can purchase the pipe cap from stores with plumbing supplies.

When you’re ready to replace the toilet, get rid of the wax seal and replace it. After that, you can already install the new toilet in place. Just follow the previous procedures in reverse. Attach the new toilet, screw the bolts, connect the water supply, and so on. Even if toilet replacement is a long process, it still is worth it when you already have a new bathroom awaiting you.

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