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How to Prevent Bullying

Bullying is one of the major problems a student, parent, or school encounters every year. However, bullying can also go beyond the classroom. This is why knowing how to prevent bullying is important. Everyone has to make a stand in changing the behavior of the bullies and the bystanders, as well. But, many anti-bullying strategies in schools have failed. Most of these strategies are built on the wrong premises. In order to know how to prevent bullying, knowing the causes and the reasons why bullies continue such behavior must be well-understood.

how to prevent bullying

If you want to know how to prevent bullying, you have to make a stand. This is the first and the easiest way to stop this behavior. Bullies have to know that doing such thing won’t be tolerated. More than half of bullying incidents stops when another person or child defends the victim physically or verbally.

Teach moral values. Teaching ethics and values is important. This is a kind of knowledge that everyone must know, not just the bullies. Oftentimes, bullies have anti-social beliefs and are disillusioned about the real nature of human beings. This belief leads to their cruel actions. Bystanders, both kids and adults, also need to speak up for the victims. Moral disengagement is often used to avoid involvement, but this has to be corrected.

Get bullies screened for psychiatric problems. Andre Sourander, a bullying researcher, recommended screening bullies for behavioral and psychological problems. This helps in giving the bullies the right treatment instead of asking teachers to be therapists.

Provide family counseling. This can be an underestimated method in preventing bullying. These family counseling therapies that improve communication between members proved to be effective in reforming bullies. Those kids who went through the sessions were reported to be less angry and had fewer bullying acts.

Teach stress management. Teaching bullies the different ways to manage stress and relax may be helpful in preventing bullying. This can be used in aiding them in controlling their anger and other negative feelings.

Train bullies to reinterpret hostile intentions. There is a research that helped in training aggressive children to reinterpret their hostility against their peers. The program taught them to avoid ascribing such intentions to other people. Those kids who went through the training showed improvements and were considered less aggressive.

Practice authoritative parenting. Parents who want to know how to prevent bullying must know when enough is enough. This is different from authoritarian parenting that enforces harsh punishments and requires strict obedience. Authoritative parenting, on the other hand, sets limits to their kids’ behaviors and explains the reasons why rules are imposed. This is helpful in regulating the actions of their children. Parents also treat their children as rational members of the family.

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