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How to Play with Stocks

The stock market is a good place to invest money in order to make more of it. However, without proper education and practice, it is similar to gambling because anything can happen at any time. So in order for an investor to make money, he has to take some risks and learn when to pull out.

How to Play with Stocks

The first and most general rule when investing in stocks is to never keep your eggs in one basket. All financial experts will suggest that their clients invest in different corporations as there are always going to be unpredictable ups and downs. That goes hand in hand with carefully selecting which company to invest in.
Here are some stock market tips to help first time investors:

1. Follow intuition. Every person gets a certain feeling that he should just go for it. It is good to do so once there is a gut feel for it instead of always giving in to hesitations. Though it is also good to listen to other people’s advice, it is your own money you are playing with so the final decision to buy, hold, or sell a particular stock is still up to you. Of course, there are ways to make an informed decision so even though it is a very strong and intense gut feel, it may be safer to study it carefully before making the move.

2. Most investors hold common stocks. This gives the investor, especially those who owns a huge number of shares, the right to vote since he is considered a shareholder. This is the right opportunity to study the company’s charter and have a chance at making a vote which could significantly affect the company and its operations. Voting happens annually when the company holds a shareholders’ meeting and it can be done personally or with a proxy.

3. Trade stocks. This is a good way of saving money while making investments. Stocks can be traded online through online platforms instead of live brokerage firms which may be more expensive. It is similar to shopping where the investor can look around for the best deals.

4. It might be helpful to check out what the company produces. If they are producers of certain items and the investor uses that product or believes that the company still has a lot more room for growth then that company might be a worthy investment.

5. Avoid greediness. Many investors make the mistake of investing again after making a good profit. This is not a wise decision since the market is very unpredictable. It is better to sell the stocks and take the money.

The stock market can be fun if the investor just plays his cards right. And this can be done by carefully studying and reviewing the stock’s price movements.

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