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How to Market an Event on Facebook

One of the best ways to exploit the marketing power of Facebook is to create events. The number of online marketers taking advantage of it is increasing every day. Different types of events can be organized in Facebook such as live events, teleclass or tele-seminar, webinars, and even recorded presentations. By using the Event feature of Facebook, one can quickly connect with thousands of users. Here are a few ways on how to successfully market an event on Facebook.

Set up the event.

The first step is to set up an event, this is easy. Create it by clicking “Event” from the list on the left of your Facebook profile page. Click “Create an Event” and continue filling in to set up your own event. Remember to make the name of your event unique, something that should pique the interest of others and don’t forget that the name cannot be changed, so think hard before saving it. Fill in the other details like the date, description and other details. Add images, designs, video snippets of guests or speakers, pictures of team members to make your events page look more appealing. If you are using the event to promote your business, then keep it open for all.

Upload an image that will promote the event.

The second step is to replace the Facebook fan page image with an image of the upcoming event. Make sure that the image looks attractive. If you are not the organizer of the event or doing it on behalf of someone else, then get permission to use a logo image. This makes the event more authentic. If you are doing it by yourself, then create a logo for the event. A logo makes a visual impact on viewers and helps to identify your event from the others.

Link and create a registration page on your website.

The next step is to create a registration page for the event on your website. Link the Facebook event page with this page. If your event is paid then this step is a must, however if you are running a free event then this step may not be required. On the registration on your website, give all details about the event. Write about the event and list the names of all the speakers and guests who are supposed to attend it. If you are the sole presenter and you are promoting a new business, then give a brief introduction about yourself, add info about your background and about the products and services you are offering. Always remember to highlight the venue and time of the event. The Facebook event page has limited space so you probably cannot give many details there. Make sure to make the Facebook event page attractive so that visitors click on it and get redirected to your website.

Promote the event.

The final step is to promote the event. Ask your fans, friends, colleagues and everyone in Facebook to spread the word about your event by posting a link of it in their profiles. You can also ask them to invite people in their friends list to the event. If you are promoting a business-related event, then it is recommended not to use your personal profile for promotion. Use your fan page instead. This gives the business a more professional image. To achieve best results, you can also promote your Facebook event on other social media platforms.

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