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How to Make Your Garage More Appealing

Most of the garage floors are made of plain concrete, which attract dirt from the tires of the car and absorbs stains from different activities. Before one realizes it, it is already impossible to clean the dirty space. These flaws can be minimized, if not eliminated, by putting floor epoxy coating to the surface of the garage floor. This epoxy flooring for your garage can transform the place into a better one if the correct application of the products is done. There are a lot of available options for those who want to extend the space of their home into the garage.
How to Make Your Garage More Appealing
Garage Floor Design Options
a. Simple design options – These involve colors like plain gray and are suitable for those who want to have a subtle look to seal the floor.
b. Colored base – The colored based epoxy can be beautified if joint together with multi-color flecks that makes the floor look like a granite or terrazzo.
c. Diagonal designs – The floor can actually be designed in order to appear like a tiled floor. Diagonal designs are effective in removing the so-called boxy appearance of the garage.
d. Impact resistant designs – impact resistance is essential for a floor to last longer than the usual. There are hard epoxy surfaces that are made with different textures, color flakes or plain designs.
e. Quartz floor design – This floor design uses multi-color aggregates along with 100% solid epoxy. Quartz strengthens floors that are usually severely used.

The design for the garage floor can match the color of the exterior of the house to make it look aligned and harmonious. Some decide to use flecks and textures in the epoxy in order to hide the different imperfections in the surface. Sealants are known to expose flaws while textured epoxy, on the other hand, makes a new surface. But do take note that design variations have various coverage levels.

The Latest Garage Floor Trends
Twenty-first century garage – this trendy style means extending the living area to the garage so that the area would complement the house design. Some organized shops would definitely need to have a floor that would be resistant to dings and cracks as much as possible since these cracks can really attract dirt. The floor epoxy coatings already have attractive colors which make the house a lot more appealing.

The different epoxy coating available give the impression that the place is actually clean and safe for people to reside in. All one has to do is to organize the contents of the garage and apply coating to the floor, which will help improve its appearance. With these, people will surely feel a lot more welcome every single time they would come to visit.

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