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How To Keep Construction Sites Safe

Construction is one of the most in-demand labor jobs across the globe nowadays. Without the construction industry, there will be no skyscrapers standing tall amidst a bustling city, a family’s dream house will never come to life, and many important establishments will not be in business today. Unfortunately, many construction-related accidents are being reported every year that involve injuries and even deaths. In fact according to the latest data, there are about 1200 casualties annually in the U.S. which are construction-related. That’s 4 for every 10,000 workers. Although the rate of accidents has decreased compared to the previous years, it is still highly recommended to implement more preventive precautions in all construction sites to elude any accident. Below are some preventive measure that you can execute in your own construction sites.
how to keep construction sites safe
Keep your workplace safe.
Sometimes, a small slip can cause major injuries or even death. Construction sites are very prone in encountering such accidents that is why the contractor should always ensure the safety of workers within the working site.

How to keep yourself from trips, slips and falls.
Slippery floors, training cables, and uneven surfaces are just some scenarios that can cause trips and slips. Being knowledgeable about the areas that are prone to risks is a good start in implementing preventive measures. Having different containers for different types of wastes, choosing to use cordless equipments to avoid trailing wires and of course, placing warning signs on wet floors to avoid slips are a must. Preventing falls can be done by using strong and durable equipment, having edge protection, and wearing of protective clothing together with safety belts. But remember that all of these can be avoided by starting from the very basic: proper planning and organizing of the job.

Be careful in doing activities involving demolition or alteration.
Dismantling and having a demolition activity can also cause injuries and even death because of the collapsing structures or exposure to materials that are hazardous to the body. Contractors should know what the risk factors are when it comes to these activities. Hazardous materials should be properly segregated before the demolition starts.

Make sure your construction sites are safe from fire and electrical problems.
There are some activities that are done near power lines and other electrical items. Accidents that are caused by these usually end up in fatal injuries and death. When working near power lines, make sure that you don’t get too close to it. As much as possible, work only when the line is dead so as to avoid accidents. Also, place warning signs to ensure that people around the area are aware of the hazards.

Protect other people too.
These preventive measures are not only for those in the construction sites. You also have the responsibility to protect the public by placing warning signs to alert them from any possible danger. Unauthorized access of civilians in to the site should also be prohibited.

Following these guidelines wil ensure that the project will be completed with minimal to no injuries at all. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

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