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How to Improve Your Written Communication Skills

Having good writing skills is essential for job seekers and even in our everyday lives. This gives us an edge over other people and are tremendously helpful in writing letters and reports. Like any other skill, written communication skills can be developed and improved over time. For those who think that they do not have the natural flair like others, you don’t have to lose hope. Even seasoned writers try to hone their skills even more. That being said, improving communication skills is a must. There is always enough space and time for progress.
how to improve your written communication skills
Improving communication skills, especially writing skills, is easy through the following steps:

Like the famous adage: ‘practice makes perfect’. This is the only way to polish one’s skill. Even if it’s not improving communication skills, practice is a must if you want to be better. This can greatly develop your writing skills and teach you more effective writing.

Use reference books
References such as thesaurus, dictionaries and writing books, like The Elements of Style, should be handy. You’ll never know when you need to check out the correct spelling or look for a better word. You can have these either in hard or soft copy so you have something to refer when you’re confused. This can improve your word choice and writing style in general.

Edit your work afterwards. Check the grammar, style, and spelling. It’s best to review and edit your own work so you’ll see your errors and not do them again next time.

Reading doesn’t only inform or entertain you, this can also help in improving communication skills. Take note of the styles of different writers. Notice how they express themselves and pay attention to the words that they use. Do they appeal and attract you? Do they inspire you? This will serve as an inspiration and teach you in improving how you write.

Ask for comments
Ask your friends or family to read your work, be it a simple letter, a blog or a short story. Be open to their criticism and comments as this is the only way for you to improve. You’ll learn a lot from what they’ve got to say. It would even be best to consult your local reading group, especially if you’re writing a short story or a novel. They’ll give you adequate feedback. It is important to take note of all the comments and apply them in your next work.

Get a writing course
If you want to be a professional writer and have enough educational background about writing, it might be best to take a few writing courses. You can get one at a nearby college or through online sources. This can be a great investment especially when you want to use the skills you’ll learn in your future career.

Most importantly, keep on writing. Always make a conscious effort in improving your writing skills. Never stop writing, even if it appears difficult. You can only achieve something if you work hard to reach that goal.

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