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How to Enhance Verbal Communication

Speaking, especially when done in public, is one of the most important skills a person learns. It enables one to communicate well and that is very important when dealing with people.
how to enhance verbal communication
Developing verbal communication skills is a good way to get a certain point across and impart ideas. Effective communication depends on the way things are said and the choice of words. Here are some examples and tips on how to enhance your verbal communication skills.

The importance of presupposition is in showing that the speaker is confident in what he or she is saying. A speaker is responsible for efficiently communicating a message as well as in encouraging people to do their tasks as best as they possibly can.

As an example, using words like “if” is confusing for the receiver. The word “when” is a better choice. Here’s an example sentence: “When your verbal communication skills have improved, your confidence will also significantly improve.” Using the word ‘when’ makes it more believable rather than using ‘if’, which allows room for doubt.

Avoiding double binds
It may be common to encounter a skeptical listener who doubts and refuses to take in any positive feedback. Challenge the negativity by giving the listener potential positive outcomes that he or she has not yet thought of in order to turn his outlook into a more positive one.

Tag on to the Yes Set
The trick is to add a phrase to something which is already known to be true. For example, the statement, “by reading this article, it will greatly improve your verbal communication skills,” sounds factual. This is because the first portion of that statement is true (you are reading this article) and consequently, the brain will think that the second phrase must also be true.

Give the illusion of choice
In some cases when there is no choice left, an order must be given, which may not be received so well by others. It has been proven effective in children, “would you like to take a bath now or in 10 minutes?” By giving the illusion of a choice, the goal which is to give the child a bath can still be achieved without leading to an argument.

Another way is by dangling the idea of a positive result. For example, “listening attentively helps people to remember more information.” That statement shows the that if they listen attentively, they will be able to retain things better, which motivates any person who is listening.

Analogies and Metaphors
People easily get bored. To keep them listening and make them pay attention, it is important to use analogies or metaphors. Providing images and symbols instead of ideas and words sparks the imagination of the audience, thus catching their attention.

Avoid being authoritative
Forbidding something is what annoys people the most. No one likes to be told that they cannot do a certain thing so instead, it is better to communicate what must or needs to be done.

Following these simple guidelines are what makes verbal communication skills more effective.

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