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How to Effectively Use Facebook to Market Yourself

Among the multitudes of websites that the Internet permits us to access, it is Facebook that’s widely used due to its interactive and real-time nature. With tons of new users pouring in everyday like running water, the amount of opportunity also grows, making this social media giant a vibrant and an essential component of integrated online marketing.
how to effectively use facebook to market yourself
This is precisely why the site is a ripe venue that the real estate industry should tap. In each of the hordes of new users, there are surely many of them who are interested in investing on properties, or simply looking for a new abode to move into. You need not be an über savvy Facebook user to harness the site’s potential, just a clear view of your goals is enough.

However, what you HAVE to know are the following:

1. Tap the right market.
Aside from hyperactive high school and college teens who flood the site, Facebook has seen a fast growing demographic of adults (35 years old and above) who primarily created their accounts to get in touch with family and friends. As a potential friend of one of them, you have to slowly creep your way into the market and build a good reputation. Find a way to connect to them first, and then gradually introduce your intention afterwards. This is also a good system of getting referrals, which is legitimately possible in Facebook.

2. Control personal information.
Yes, we do whatever we want with our own accounts, but keep in mind that dirty laundry spreads faster online. Since you are now a real estate professional, treat your Facebook account as a public space on which everyone (including clients) can see your every move. Now, it would also be hypocritical of you to saturate your news feed with promotions of your property, so keep a good level of intimacy and professionalism on your account to keep your ‘good, entrepreneurial side’ afloat.

3. Set up a ‘fan page’ and integrate your other social media accounts there.
If you really cannot stop yourself from getting too personal on your Facebook page, what you can ideally do is to create a ‘fan page’ dedicated to your sales persona alone. Invite friends to like your page, and you can also ask them to further refer the page to their respective friends, many of which you can target as a secondary market. Be sure to beef up your page’s content by integrating your other social media accounts here such as your Twitter page, Instagram, your own property blog, or even your own website.

4. Post relevant content.
As much as your ‘likers’ understand the commercial nature of the page, they might get turned off and ‘unlike’ it if all they see are invitations to buy properties. Play up with your page’s content now and then with property-related subjects they can actually use in daily life, such as “how-tos”, suggested interior designs, quality suppliers around the area, and the like. Remember, they liked the page because they trust it, not because they want to see regular ‘spam’ on their own feeds.

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