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How to Dress to Impress – The Classic Way!

Knocking together the perfect classical woman’s wardrobe can pose quite a challenge for the average fashionista. But here’s the secret to creating the ideal dress to impress ensemble that can make display ads blush – gather a mish-mash of timeless clothing and compliment it with some chic vintage accessories. Not only will this make your fashion choices a global phenomenon on the twitter marketing scene, but it’ll certainly knock the socks off your dinner guests. Here are 7 hot tips to remember the next time you decide to flaunt your suave classical fashion tastes.

1. Wear Complementary Form-Fitting Tops.

When you wish to dress to impress your sexy hunky date, remember to always pick out form-fitting tops that flatter your body shape. Since the area under the bust tends to be the narrowest part of your body, select sweaters or blouses featuring either an empire waistband or seams that allow the top to flare out gracefully. Slender women can double this effect by wearing ruffles lined across the chest or a peplum waistline that gives them a shapelier form.

2. Select Pleat-less Bottoms.

Scour your department stores for pleat-less jeans, skirts and pants that often bestow a chunkier appearance to your body. Select smoothly flowing pants that taper naturally from the widest contour of your hip to your leg line. Slimmer and taller women can squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans or Capri pants, whilst the more voluptuous woman can always rock out a straight-legged pants, A-line skirts or trouser jeans.

3. Wear Classical Knee-Length Dresses.

Always pick out classical dresses that define your body and your spirits. Dazzle your viewers by wearing bold prints such as mini polka dots or tiger striped pants, but don’t forget to keep a black mini dress in your closet for date nights.

4. Don’t forget the Jackets!

A must-have for women who are on a mission to dress to impress are a series of stylish jackets. Jackets usually help exude a shapely upper half for all aspiring fashionistas, so make sure you have a couple of well-seamed coats with predefined textures such as tweed, and a button that nestles comfortable below your bust line. Remember; buttons sitting on widest contour of your hip are a no-no though!

5. Embrace the Color Wheel.

Flaunt around a dash of color to spice up your otherwise neutrally toned suits. Whip out a pair of glamorous chili red or celery green stilettos, or some pointy-toed clementine pumps for work. If you wish to look a tad sexier, then slip into some slender boots with a matching wrap-around dress. You can even don a pair of adorable kitten heels or eye-catching rhinestone sandals the next time you decide to go on a shopping spree. Throw in a few fashionable bags to add a touch of variety, but never color-coordinate your purses and shoes together.

6. Accessorize All the Way.

The highlights of any outfit are its complementary accessories. The usually drab summer dress is revived by a chunky bracelet or a thin necklace. Small knick-knacks and pieces of jewelry generally add a ‘Wow!’ factor to most nondescript bits of clothing. So tease that swooping neckline with a strand of funky beads, but abstain from the gems if your top is already glitzy. Go for vintage pieces that give an overall ‘timeless’ feel to things.

7. Select Seasonal Styles.

Try your level best to mix your classical pieces with the other pieces nestled in your wardrobe. Also, don’t forget to invest in neutral colors such as black which works with every season and never falls off the style pedestal. Don’t forget to keep a tight-fitted white button-down shirt on hand for formal occasions, and always pick out colored tops that flatter your skin tone. Fitted pea coats go great during autumn and winter, but so do turtleneck sweaters, so don’t give these wonderful pieces a miss the next time you hit the stores.

Don’t forget to keep these 7 juicy tips in mind the next time you fancy a classical wardrobe setting. Remember, always dress to impress and select pieces that define the real you all the way through.

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