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How to Do Your Graduation Party Right

Graduating from school—be it high school, college, or graduate school—is always a momentous achievement, one that deserves to be celebrated, in one way or another. Celebrating a graduation is a ritual that you shouldn’t miss, because (when properly done) the celebration itself is the best way of giving closure to an old chapter of your life, while giving value to all the fun and hardship that has passed.
how to do your graduation party right
But what good is a graduation party without the right people to celebrate it with? Here’s how to do your celebration and graduation party invites right.

Step 1. Decide who you’ll invite to the party.
No graduation party would be complete without your family and friends. Your graduation party invites must include them, as well as some of your favorite characters and teachers from school. All these people have, in their own way, contributed to your success in school, and deserve to be invited.

Just remember a few things, however. Unless they’re important friends and indispensible family members, don’t invite people who are disagreeable, extremely antisocial, or extremely wild and uncontrollable. These people will just ruin the experience for everyone else at the party as well. Resist the urge to “get plastered” or stone drunk during the party; you’re the host and you’re supposed to be responsible for everything. (If you really want to get wasted, create a separate set of graduation party invites for a select few friends to a separate drinking party at your home!)

Step 2. Decide when and where to hold the party.
When and where you hold your graduation party should be determined by the availability of appropriate venues, and the availability of your most important guests.

Remember that you’re most likely not the only one celebrating their graduation at that time. Other people’s graduation party invites will be making the rounds. Even if you’re not invited to their parties (but your own guests are), try to find out the details to their party schedule, and work around that to make sure the people you’ve invited can show up at your event. Check if your desired venue is available at your desired date and time, and can host the maximum number of guests at your party. Then reserve it as early as you can!

And what if the original venue isn’t available? Have a secondary venue choice, as a backup. If it’s an outdoor or out-of-town venue, you’ll also need a tertiary backup plan in case the weather gives you a hard time.

Step 3. Create a theme for your party.
The last step is always the most fun: showing off your party style! The graduation party invites you send out should give your prospective guests instructions (or at least a clue) on what style or theme your celebration will be like. Be original, and find something both you and your guests will enjoy. Beyond that rule, it can be anything: an informal beach party, a pirate or costume party, or a formal affair.

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