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How to Care for Canine Arthritis

A common condition for elderly people happens to be arthritis. Although there are multiple treatments for it and most of them are effective, some still happen to suffer in the long term. It is less known that this problem is also common with dogs as they start aging.
how to care for canine arthritis
If you are an animal enthusiast or have a pet dog that is getting old, you would gradually come to know of its arthritic problems. Canine arthritis is a common phenomenon but it is treatable, and there are several methods in which you can help your dog with this condition.

As with humans and arthritis, canine arthritis can be treated well if detected early. You can do this by having more frequent veterinary checkups for your dog, especially when they start to get older. As the treatment generally concentrates on improving bone cartilage regeneration, it could be similar to the treatment given to a dog suffering bone injuries.

Most dog owners know the pain of taking their dog to a vet, the pets absolutely hate it. It can really be a daunting task to take them to the vet for checkups and even tougher when they get old. To avoid this, you can start adding special dietary requirements in your dog’s routine. If you do this, canine arthritis can be put off for later and you won’t need to visit the vet as frequently.

To start with, you can try including special bone care vitamins and minerals in its diet. This helps improve cartilage generation and prolong the healthy bone life of your dog. If at all there are signs of canine arthritis appearing, you can help your pet with special dog ramps that help them move around easier. This is a very inexpensive and effective way to help your dog avoid difficult body movement when climbing into your car or up a few steps.

As an additional caution and care from your side, you can provide your dog with special nutritional supplements that help improve bone and joint health. A healthy dog is able to produce ample amounts of these chemicals naturally, and maintains its bone health very efficiently. But as the dogs age, the production of these regeneration aids start to decrease whereas the need for them is still at large. This is the primary reason contributing to canine arthritis.

One should remember that there is no absolute cure for canine arthritis. There are treatments that help the dog cope with the condition better. Some treatments tend to be far better than the others, but this mostly depends on your dog. It is important to wisely pick the right treatment for your dog although you have to keep in mind that there is no guarantee for cure. As the condition worsens, so do the chances of finding an effective treatment. The quicker you discover this condition and get treatment, the better your dog will respond.

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