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How to be a Savvy Fashionista Shopper Online

Exploring the haute couture of the fashion world online can be an eclectic experience, especially if you’re a first-timer. With a plethora of striking accessories and fabrics available at the click of a button, it can really be tricky to purchase something without being tempted to buy it all! Getting a cheap bargain is a stroke of luck, but it takes serious skill to lay your fingers on an in-season Gucci tote under $200. Thus, we present several key tips that can help you become a savvy fashionista shopper online.

Know yourself

A wise savvy fashionista is quick to slip into the latest fashion trends, but is also smart enough to evaluate which part of these latest fashion designs will nestle comfortably in their wardrobe. Always trust your personal style, and shop according to the three simple Ws: When, Where and Why you will drape the piece across your body. Make sure that you only buy what you truly love!

Multi-Functional Wardrobes

Having a multi-functional wardrobe is critical in the life of a savvy fashionista. Each piece in your private collection must reflect your own unique style and taste, with various types of clothing and accessories that can be suitably worn for all occasions. Tailor you fashion choices according to your private lifestyle – if you plan on traversing the red carpet half your life, then half of your wardrobe must have suitable gowns and dresses.

Initiate a Fashion Wish-List

Clear out old clothing that are damaged, out-of-season or no longer fit. Then take note of the clothing you seem to favour and wear heavily (Anchor Pieces) in your wardrobe. Once you’ve done with your evaluation, initiate a fashion wish-list with a summary of clothing items that you might need in order to fulfil your collection. Don’t forget to stay within your budget!

Accessorize and Experiment

Identify the basic clothing items in your wardrobe such as core-coloured camisoles and tees. Then, accessorize and experiment with a medley of your new and old clothes coupled with several add-ons to identify any missing pieces.

Go shopping!

Be aware of current fashion trends by receiving promotions and offers from your favourite retailer online. Take your fashion wish-list and click on your favorite online shopping site, but don’t buy anything on impulse! Learn the trade of combining low and high price points by picking out expensive-looking items that retain their quality despite their lower prices. With all these handy tips in mind, you’re all set to become a savvy fashionista shopper online! So be sure to buy something you truly love, and you will never walk away disappointed.

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