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How These 10 Big Companies Started Out

Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way you want them to. And these 10 big companies are a testament to that for they turned out way differently than they started.

Formerly known as Hassenfeld Brothers (Ahhh, now we get it), Hasbro is a multinational toy and board company, which made its first big hit when it launched Mr. Potato Head in 1952. But who would have guessed that they started out selling pencil cases and school supplies. Great how they decided to ditch the boring stuff and create fun toys instead!

We salute these cellphone Gods who seem to have created an indestructible cellular device. Famously known for their mobile phones, you never would have figured that Nokia used to sell, wait for it….paper! Nokia was actually inspired by the name of his second wood pulp mill on the river in Nokianvirta. (Bet you didn’t know that.)

Tiffany & Co.
Oh Tiffany, my sweet Tiffany. Founded by Charles Tiffany and John Young, the store initially sold stationary items. But look what it is now, the envy of every woman for their luxury good and most especially their diamond jewelry. A girl can dream.

Founder David H. McConnell was a book salesman who would sell perfumes on the side for his female customers. Later on, he found out he was earning more money from the perfumes instead of the books. Light bulb idea! Of course you know what Avon sells now.

This fast and furious family owned and operated business famous for their multiple auto racing sport events started out running—bootlegged liquor. (Or rum running, as what others would call it.) Having to smuggle alcoholic drinks, they needed to do swift and clean exchanges. Can you guess what kind of cars they used?

One of the biggest names in electronics industry today didn’t actually start by selling mobile phones. They used to deal groceries that were produced locally in Daegu city and even made their own noodles. Noodles! Ha!

American Express
Ranked 22nd most valuable brand in the world today, American Express (or AmEx) is the company responsible for some of your credit cards, charge cards and cheque businesses. You know what they started out as though? Express mail business. Probably explains how fast we get our bill mails?

Ah yes, the Gameboy. Who didn’t love those little things? What is now a multinational electronics company was then a playing card company. Guess they really liked their games.

Marriott wasn’t always about grand hotels and lodging facilities. (Over 4000 properties all over the world, thank you very much.) In fact, they started out as a small root beer stand in Washington, D.C.

William Wrigley Jr. started selling soap when he was 29 years old. (Soap!) For every bar of soap you bought, he’d give you baking powder. Soon after that he shifted to selling baking powder. And for every pack you bought, you’d be given two packages of chewing gum. So yeah, guess you know what came next.

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