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How Sleeve Gastrectomy Can Drastically Change Your Life

Are you facing problems due to obesity or are consistently gaining weight? You don’t need to worry anymore since you can now live a normal lifestyle by undergoing a sleeve gastrectomy.
How Sleeve Gastrectomy Can Drastically Change Your Life
Sleeve gastrectomy is a surgical process which is intended for weight loss management. This is a surgery wherein a surgeon will create a “sleeve” that looks like the shape of a banana inside a stomach. This procedure will block about 85 percent of the stomach and this will lead to a much smaller room in the area, thus resulting to a significant reduction in the patient’s food intake.

Below are some helpful information on how sleeve gastrectomy can drastically change your life.

1. The surgery will lessen the capacity of your stomach in storing food. But this will still allow your stomach to function normally. You can still normally consume the food but in smaller amount. This means that you can still enjoy the food that you want, only in smaller portion this time.

2. The procedure eliminates the part of the stomach that produces Gherlin. Gherlin is the hormone that stimulates hunger. This means that you won’t feel guilty depriving yourself with the food you want to eat since the probability of getting hungry will be lessened.

3. The sleeve gastrectomy also minimizes the occurrence of other digestive problems such as ulcer. In addition, this procedure lessens the chances of having anemia, osteoporosis, and vitamin and protein deficiency since intestinal bypass is avoided. This means you can avoid other health problems and you can be healthier while losing weight after the surgery.

4. In case you weigh over 500 pounds, your surgery can be done laparoscopically. This means that there will be minimal incisions and therefore, problems such as those connected with wound, lungs, and pains are lessened, which will lead to faster healing and recovery.

5. The procedure normally results in shorter confinement in the hospital, faster healing and recovery, lesser and smaller scars, and lesser pain compared to other kinds of surgery. This can help you quickly get back to your usual activities while gaining more confidence and boosting your self-esteem as you start to lose weight.

Sleeve gastrectomy can help you address your troubles with obesity and weight management. It can definitely help you live a healthier lifestyle and can make you feel happier about yourself and your body. But if you want to have a more satisfying and lasting result, you should commit yourself to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should have a regular exercise routine plus a healthy diet in order to sustain the positive results of the surgery. Also, you must take care of your body inside and out. Having a surgery will definitely help you out with your problems with your weight but the outstanding results of a surgery is also dependent on your effort and discipline in taking care of yourself.

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