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House Training Your Yorkie

Yorkshire terriers are among the crowd’s favorite as a household pet. The sweet little creatures captivate many hearts by being their playful, adorable self. Still, your Yorkie needs to be trained on how to behave inside the home, well that is if you want to keep the cleanliness and orderliness of your house.

House Training Your Yorkie
Most Yorkies can be stubborn thus they must be consistently trained. So gather up as much patience in teaching them as you would for your child. You don’t need to enroll them on a fancy training school to get them to obey and behave properly. You just need to devote some time and follow some of these helpful advices on how to house train your beloved pet.

First thing you need to know is that Yorkies respond more to positive reinforcement. Punishing or scolding them will only make them afraid of you and will tend to shy away and run rather than trying to complete their tasks. In order to get them to obey on your command, you must offer them some kind of reward. Use a variety of rewards such as a treat, petting, or even calling them ‘good girl/boy’, plus maybe some hugs and kisses too.

Potty training inside the house is one of the most difficult things to teach your Yorkie so be patient. For this, you can teach them to do it on a special dog litter box, inside on a fake grass, or where your designated area is. It is best to train them on where they will actually be doing it to avoid confusion. It is important that there is consistency so that the little pup would easier know how to do it properly. Also, make sure that you spend time to puppy-proof your place in the course of potty training, because they might have little ‘accidents’ and ruin your best cloth, your carpet, favorite book, etc.

When you are training them to go inside crates, make sure that they feel at home as well on the crate by putting some toys or treats inside. As stated earlier, they hate boredom, so it is best to have something inside that will keep them busy and entertained. Also, do not forget that your Yorkie must be let out every four hours so that s/he can go potty.
Once again, remember that patience and positive reinforcement makes an obedient little Yorkie.

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