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House of Cards Season 4 Spoiler Hints on In and Out of Characters

House of Cards Season 4 spoiler comes with twists and turns as fans await the series’ release on March 2016. Executive Producer Beau Willimon willingly shared plot ideas and concerns how the 3rd season may or may not affect this season’s story.

New characters are set to join this season. Deadline says Colm Feore will play a high-profile role while The Christian Post says Willimon hinted ideas on Neve Campbell’s role being a rival of Frank Underwood.

With Campbell’s power hungry role, she sets on reaching the top while taking advantage of Frank and Claire’s broken relationship. As these new characters join the White House drama, rumors about Doug Stamper dying have been spreading. When asked about it, Michael Kelly (Stamper) said, “I don’t know, man, I don’t want him to. This is the greatest job I’ve ever had, Doug Stamper is the greatest gift I have ever been given as an actor. I love playing him, I love going to work everyday, here we are in season 4 and I love going to work just as much as I did first day of season 1 and that says a lot.”

With Season 3’s Claire walking out on Frank, House of Cards Season 4 spoiler hints on a publicity stunt to try to make the public believe Claire and Frank are still in good terms and are still together. Claire’s plan is to adopt a young girl for this stunt.

With the news about the Underwood couple’s broken relationship, it saddens most of the series’ fans. But, as a new foreign couple may threaten their power this season, a report from Yibada hints on the possibility of Frank and Claire reuniting. With only a month away from its release, House of Cards Season 4 spoilers become irresistible for fans not to update themselves with.

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