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Hot Sauce: Not Just Your Ordinary Condiment

Hot sauce has become increasingly popular these days. Even some celebrities like Beyonce use hot sauce not just for spicing up bland foods but for some other useful purposes.


According to research, hot peppers offer a variety of nutritional benefits. Flavonoids and carotenoids have antioxidant properties which can be found in hot peppers. It also contains Vitamin C which is helpful in protecting the body’s immune system, making wounds heal faster. Vitamin C can also contribute to faster metabolism and iron absorption. In fact, Vitamin C in hot sauce is also an antioxidant which destroys free radicals, thus decreasing the risk for cell damage and increasing health for the skin. With all of these properties combined, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects could be achieved as well.

Hot peppers also contain “capsaicin” which is a colorless plant compound. This gives hot peppers heat properties which can be used as an effective pain-relieving agent. Not only does “capsaicin” produce analgesic effects, but it can also cause “apoptosis.” Apoptosis simply means cell death/suicide especially in cancer cells.

Research studies have also found out that hot sauce can curb appetite. This means that the spicy feeling tends to prohibit consumption by pacing your eating. A study found out that the levels of a certain hormone which suppresses appetite are increased when spicy food is consumed. UCLA researchers have also conducted a study using Capsaicin which can be found in hot sauce. They found out that Capsaicin can cause the body to use more fat as fuel, or in other words, fat oxidation happens. Since this is the case, hot sauce can now be considered as an aid in weight loss. In addition to that, hot sauce only contains low fat, low calories, and no cholesterol.

And if you want to improve your mood, hot sauce can also help! Capsaicin tends to release chemicals called Endorphins which help brighten up the mood.

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