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Homemade Soda

Carbonated drinks or soda is a favorite among many people – young or old. As it is packed with lots of sugar, it goes well with savory meals or is great to take on its own as it gives people a rush and is likewise refreshing. There’s just something about the fizz, which makes it even more refreshing. And for decades now, people have not stopped consuming soda.
Homemade Soda
Fizz addicts or a-fizz-ionados may be happy to hear that there is a way to make soda from home at any time. All there is to it is a carbonating machine, some flavoring, and a few ingredients to create a refreshing drink of ice cold soda. For those who are serious, they can even make a carbonating machine themselves!

Having one’s very own carbonation machine is cheaper than going out to buy bulks of soda which will just end up taking a lot of space in the pantry or kitchen. Having a soda machine requires less space and a person can make just enough soda or as much as he or she would like to enjoy.

A carbonation machine also known as a CO2 regulator need not be bought. The ones out in the market may cost from $80 to $100 and are built with a tiny carbonator whereas a homemade one can have a large carbonator that costs somewhere from $15 to $20, which can be bought in the local welding shop. Compare a tank costing $80 but can only accommodate as much as 35 ounces to a tank that costs $15 but can take in five pounds.

Buying a CO2 regulator allows the owner to control the amount of pressure which will affect the fizz of the soda. Store bought carbonators usually have a factory setting which may not produce a fizz as strong as what some a-fizz-ionados would like to be. Having an adjustable pressure tank is great because one can also make homemade alcohol.

Materials needed for a home-made CO2 regulator include:
CO2 tank – this is available in most welding shops and online sites like e-Bay. But to save up, one can try looking for CO2 gas distributors and see if they can sell their tanks at very low prices.

Gas regulator – this is what is responsible for controlling the pressure of the CO2 tank. It can cost from $35 to $45 depending on the type. It is best to get the one with two gauges, which can indicate the amount of gas left and the output of the pressure.

Vinyl tubing and a ball-lock keg coupler – this will go hand in hand for controlling the pressure tank. A recycled soda bottle which will store the soda and a carbonator bottle cap that will help the process is also needed. These too are available online.

Now, you can enjoy unlimited soda at the comfort of your own homes!

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