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High Energy Makes Jack Russell Terrier So Lovable

Jack Russell terriers are energetic, athletic, and determined. They are one of the brightest and most trainable terriers who love to learn tricks and can excel in competitive activities, such as agility and flyball.
High Energy Makes Jack Russell Terrier So Lovable
Jack Russell Terriers are high energy dogs who need to release pent up energy by romping, digging, and playing. A home with a large and fenced yard is best for him. He has a natural urge to explore and may wander off if not fenced in. A Jack Russell, even though they are small, can jump fences as high as 5 feet.

Jack Russell Terriers make lovable pets because they are conveniently-sized, sturdy, and natural-looking but they are not really suitable for apartments or condominiums because they need lots of exercise and activities. Your Jack Russell terrier is not suited for a sedentary lifestyle. He requires vigorous daily play sessions like ball chasing which he seems to be so passionate about. Your little dog has so much energy that needs to be released.

Insufficient exercise, companionship, and mental stimulation can make your Jack Russell bored and may lead to destructive behaviors. The Jack Russell terrier also enjoys going along on a hike, or a long game of fetch. Jack Russell terriers can not sit peacefully on the couch all day. Their strong hunting and chasing instincts are not suited for a household setting. If you fail to provide an alternate outlet for their high energy levels, it can cause frustration and boredom to your Jack Russell, and a frustrated and bored Jack Russell can wreak havoc in your home.

Jack Russells are often selected as the family dog for small children because they are intelligent, playful and small. Eddie, the Jack Russell terrier in the TV sitcom Frasier is portrayed as a docile animal and therefore harmless for children but the truth is that if a Jack Russell is not trained properly, they can bite, chew, nip, and soil rugs and carpets. Eddie has obviously been handled and trained by professionals to play the part.

Training your Jack Russell must start as early as between 7 weeks and 6 months of age, this way he gets used to the entire household while young. It is harder to train an adult Jack Russell. Get him used to being patted by everyone in the family. The high energy of a properly trained Jack Russell makes him a lovable member of the family.

Jack Russell terriers are best for pet parents who lead a very active lifestyle.

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