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High Calorie Drinks – A Factor Behind Obesity

Some drinks have very high calorie content. We don’t even take them seriously as they are in the liquid form. Super-sized beverages and juices that contain fructose syrup contribute a lot to our obesity problem. The adults have beer bellies while the kids get big gulp guts. Some of the cities have even banned the sales of soda in and near schools. But the grown-ups can freely roam about anywhere in the world consuming high calorie drinks that will add extra calories to their body.

high calorie drinks

It has been found that a significant percentage of calories that comes into our diet are from what we drink. Most of us think beverages causes no harm. You may be surprised to know that about 1000 calories gets into our body by drinking beverages that have high calorie content. The average calorie requirement of a person every day is 2000 calories. This shows how the high calorie drinks can pose bigger health problems.

The most notable among the high calorie drinks is soda. For instance one 20 oz can of cola contains about 250 calories. So if a person drinks only two cans per day, he has already consumed 500 calories. A low calorie alternative can be diet soda. But it cannot be considered as totally harmless. Many of the drinks contain sweeteners that are artificial. These can give rise to serious health issues. The next in the list of high calorie drinks is alcohol. A single pint of beer contains about 125 calories. Some varieties of beer may even contain 250 calories per pint. A single glass of red wine has 125 calories. So to avoid unanted calories, you should drink less of these beverages. If a person reduces his alcohol consumption, the calorie intake will be also lessened. Artificial juices should be also avoided. But it has been found that even pure juices can add to the calorie intake. For example a cup of orange juice contains about 100 calories. You may be surprised to know that even apple juice has a high calorie content. Even milk adds to the calorie count. Some people drink skim milk to lessen the calorie intake.

So beverage might appear harmless, but the actual fact is that they are a significant source of calories. So the consumption of soda and alcohol should be reduced and replaced with intake of healthy drinks like skim milk and pure fruit juice.

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