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Helpful Communication Tools for You

There are many different types of communication tools that people, especially those in the corporate world, can use. These tools can be used for both nonverbal and verbal communication. There are tools that can be used to interpret and provide feedback. The most useful communication tools are those that are formulated to evaluate common problems in communication.
helpful communication tools for you
The following are the most common communication tools used in assessing communication problems that many people encounter:

Measuring Scale
This is an easy and among the most popularly used communication tools. Start your measurement with 0% to 100% on a 1 to 11 horizontal scale. One equates to 0%, which means bad and negative communication. Six equals 50%, which means an acceptable communication. Eleven, on the other hand, is 100%, which means that the way the message was communicated was clear, concise, and easily understandable. To do this measuring scale, draw a horizontal line and number it from left to right with 1 to 11. Leave at least a centimeter or an inch of space in between numbers. Write the corresponding meaning and percentage to the numbers 1, 6, and 11. This can be used in measuring how effective a person communicates, especially if you want to find out what to work on and improve.

Seven-point problem solving
This is one of the communication tools that can be used by companies in solving problems. This can be implemented to all employees so they can solve problems the same way. This makes the process universal for everyone. This tool uses only 20% of the time identifying the problem and 80% on solving it. You need to answer the following questions for this tool:

Know the problem and break it into three groups with corresponding names.
Find the factual causes for each problem group.
Look for the best solution for each problem group. Choose the most effective solution that you can cost-effectively pursue.
Look for a plan of action that’s corrective in nature. You can create three actions in order to reach an expected solution.
Make sure to observe the results. Create time frames and feasible deadlines for the plan of action.
Follow-up every person or department concerned with the problem until they are satisfied with the results.
You can change the approach to the problem if necessary. If the first solution does not work, try the second one, and the next. Work through the steps until a workable solution is found.

2Xtreme Analysis
This tool is used on problems that fall in the gray areas. You need to ask questions through two unique points of view. If you have a problem, don’t look at it in your own point of view. Of course, you would have a solution or an alibi in mind. Look at the problem in an extreme point of view. Think of what the president, your boss, or anyone that you have high regards for would do when stuck in your situation. Another point of view would be looking at it in a rational way or as someone with no stakes on the issue.

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