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Heal Your Acne with Different Types of Laser Treatment

Sick of your acne problems? Then all you have to do is get rid of it. However, how will you do that? You don’t have to worry anymore because there are different types of laser acne treatments that will heal your scars and dark spots. This treatment is especially for persons who have lost their hope in solving their acne problems. By penetrating down into the deepest layers of your skin, laser and lights will target both the bacterium and oil glands causing acne. Here’s a rundown of the different laser treatment and laser skin resurfacing options for you.
Heal Your Acne with Different Types of Laser Treatment
Blue light therapy is a method of applying a photosensitizing agent to your skin before exposing the area to a blue light source narrow-band for about 15 minutes. The skin becomes more sensitive to light because of the sensitizer. Then the blue light will kill the acne, which causes the bacteria to appear. The sebaceous glands that produce oil will be damaged by blue light therapy during the procedure. You will usually require multiple sessions over six to eight weeks to achieve your goal of having a clear skin.

Pulsed Light Heat Therapy, also known as LHE is basicaly a treatment for moderate to mild acne and acne lesions. In this method, pulses of light and heat are directly targeted in your skin, which kills the disrupting sebum production and the bacteria. LHE therapy penetrates the lower layers of the skin without damaging the surface just like the blue light therapy. It is also a short and painless procedure where the dermatologist will apply a thin gel into your skin and then position the LHE device. The instrument resembles a wand and is pointed directly over acne prone areas.

Diode laser is another type of laser acne treatment. The laser will directly heat your sebaceous glands deep into your skin to decrease the sebum production. It also blocks the secretion of sebum into the hair follicle. Note that sebum eventually clogs your pores and results in acne. You are assured that you will achieve your goal of healing your acne.

Photopneumatic therapy is one of the most popular laser acne treatments. It uses a vacuum-like tool to suction oil and your dead skin cells from your sebaceous glands to your skin’s surface. The area will be exposed to blue light therapy to minimize sebum gland activity and completely destroy the bacteria. This process will take 20 minutes and you will see that your skin is getting clearer after three to six treatments.

You will get your goal of having clear skin with the help of these laser acne treatments. These procedures are really effective so don’t hesitate to take any of the treatments in the list if you want to get rid of your acne problems.

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