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Having Wicker Coffee Tables at Home

Coffee is probably the most favorite beverage of people all over the world. Everyone loves coffee mainly because it is a very effective energy-booster. Another reason why people love it is the benefits it gives you. Coffee has antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancer as well as depression. Not only that, this wonderful creation actually helps in promoting a good relationship between friends and families. This is because catching up and conversations are always done over a cup of coffee. Of course, it would be better if you have a good table accompanying the good coffee and good conversation, making it more comfortable for everybody. Coffee tables are made of different materials. Its materials vary from wood, to glass, or even wrought iron. But have you ever heard of a wicker coffee table?
having wicker coffee tables at home
A wicker coffee table is composed of plant fiber materials from bamboo, rattan, or reed. Most of the wickers are used in making native furniture and baskets because of its magnificent strength. Its strength comes from the fibers being woven very tightly. With this, it can stand firm against most of the elements found either indoor or outdoor. As for the wicker coffee table, shopping for one will make you excited. There are a lot of sizes, colors, designs and shapes to choose from. But if you think you need further help, the following tips maybe helpful to you in picking the wicker coffee table that would fit your style:

Choosing the design
As mentioned above, wicker coffee tables have a lot of designs to choose from and oftentimes, the styles are mixed with both glamor and practicality. Some designs involve space for storage of magazines and newspapers. Others would be plain yet very attractive. One famous design appears to have 3 tables in different sizes: one is large and under it are the 2 remaining smaller tables that may be used as footrest or for other materials to be placed on the table. This design was specifically made to save space in the living room.

The shape
You may have been asking yourself what type of shape is best for your living room? It is good to know that the shape of your wicker coffee table will best complement your room if it is in a circular or oval-shaped form, especially if you prefer a light aura. If you ever decide that coffee tables would be a better decoration for your corner, then square or rectangular-shaped tables would be a good.

Perfect color
It is good to put in mind that these wicker-made tables already have a natural color that soothes the eyes. But you can paint the tables according to your own preference. Designers, however, would recommend painting the wicker black, charcoal, brown or white to fit the dark-colored furniture at home. If you want to be a little more stylish, then green and its other shades are the perfect colors. For a more daring look, try bright colors like yellow, orange, or light blue.

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